Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Young Living Essential Oils and Blends for Dancers!

Two of my passions are Young Living Essential Oils and ballroom dancing.  Below I share with you how I combine the two by using essential oils to remedy some common dancing issues.

Single: Lemon Oil

At the first sign of a blister or foot irritation, apply lemon oil. 
Very helpful when breaking in new shoes.

Pain, Injuries

I like to use PanAway on my feet after a long dance session.  Apply and then pull on some white socks; your feet will feel great the next morning.


Singles: Rosemary, Basil

Try these when learning new steps or routines and before private lessons.


Blend: Valor

Great before performing and competitions!

Calming Nerves

Single: Lavender


Blend: En-R-Gee
Single: Peppermint

Both will really give you an energy boost.

Incorporating essential oils into your dance routine will really make a difference in how you feel…give it a try and let me know how oils have helped you be a better dancer.

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
110 Iowa Lane, Suite 201
Cary, NC 27511

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