Friday, March 15, 2019

Understanding the VitaFlex Technique

Did you know there’s a very easy way to enhance the use of your Young Living essential oils?

It’s called the VitaFlex Technique, and it's part of the Raindrop Technique developed by Dr. D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living. (Although he may have been the first to combine the technique with essential oils, the term was coined by Dr. Stanley Burroughs and is based on ancient Tibetan reflexology.)

When you research what essential oils may be beneficial for an issue, it is often suggested that you apply the oil to the corresponding VitaFlex points on the feet. VitaFlex is, quite simply, rolling the fingertips from pad-to-tip-to-nail. The motion creates an electrical charge and, since essential oils also have an electrical charge, it increases the benefits of the application.

I found two short videos that show the technique in detail. Since spring is upon us and many suffer from allergies, I am including one that not only describes the technique but also shows how to VitaFlex the sinus points on the face. Sinus VideoVideo

I hope you’ll add this simple technique often when using your Young Living essential oils!
Happy Spring!

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