Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Part 2: Raindrop Technique

{Note: It cannot be emphasized enough that only pure, therapeutic-grade oils are used. I use only Young Living Essential Oils in my practice because the purity and quality are impeccable.}

Having a Raindrop Technique Aromatherapy Massage is a wonderful introduction to Aromatherapy! The Raindrop Technique is a truly remarkable procedure that combines a variety of energy medicine and natural modalities. Developed by D. Gary Young, ND & DOC* in the 1980s, it includes the use of several anti-bacterial essential oils (both as aromatics and as direct topical agents),   a series of specific techniques along the spinal muscles and feet, and the application of moist heat. Since its development, it has brought relief to thousands suffering from chronic back pain. Studies continue to support and verify the principles upon which the Raindrop Technique is based. It not only helps heal the spine, but it also benefits other body systems, including the mental and emotional functions of the brain.

In addition to pain reduction, the many benefits include reduced inflammation, improved circulation, stress relief, improved immune function, and the release of pent-up negative emotions. It can also help prevent the bacterial and viral causes of spinal misalignment, including scoliosis and kyphosis.
To address other health issues, the Raindrop Technique can be customized by substituting standard Raindrop Technique essential oils with other oils that specifically target the relevant issue. In addition to physical issues, emotional issues can be addressed by changing the oils used.

The benefits of the Raindrop Technique go well beyond the physical benefits of massage. It can help improve every aspect of life – physical, mental, and emotional – often relieving a variety of issues in a single treatment. Not only does it help relieve pain and restore physical well-being, it can also set in motion healing processes that will last for weeks or even months.

*(ND) Naturopathic Doctor; (DOC) Doctor of Chiropractic

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