Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Holidays Giveaway!

This month, to thank my readers for their support and comments, I am holding a drawing for a free bottle of Young Living "Christmas Spirit" essential oil blend.

This blend includes OrangeCinnamon Bark and Spruce essential oils. It promotes positive energy and emotional feelings with a fresh, uplifting scent. I like diffusing it all year –  not only at Christmas time. You can also inhale directly and apply topically diluted with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex.


I will draw the winner on Friday, December 20th. (The winner will be notified by email.)

Good Luck!

I wish all of you a very happy and safe holiday – and a fabulous 2014!

Many blessings,

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
110 Iowa Lane, Suite 201
Cary, NC 27511

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Friday, November 15, 2013


November reminds us to be "thankful," but we should really try to stay in a state of gratitude at all times.

Think about "The Secret," and "The Law ofAttraction." These principles stress the importance of 1) how powerful our thoughts are and how we create what we think and believe; and 2) that when we believe and are thankful for what we want, we help to manifest it – even before it has come into our life! Athletes use these principles when they visualize themselves doing everything "right" and winning the big game. So whatever you want in your life, be thankful for it already and cultivate the feeling of already having it.

I enjoy sharing Young Living Essential Oils that correspond to my blog subject. Yes, there is a blend called Gratitude! I also like these: Abundance, Awaken, Believe, DreamCatcher, Envision, MagnifyYour Purpose, Motivation, Surrender, Oola Balance and Grow.

Maybe one of these oils can provide the necessary boost to help you achieve your dreams, too!

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
110 Iowa Lane, Suite 201
Cary, NC 27511

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Using Essential Oils for Positive Thoughts

My newsletter this month focused on how powerful your thoughts are and the importance of focusing on what you want in your life. With that in mind, I have a few suggestions for which Young Living essential oils and oil blends may help you do this more easily.


Build confidence, uplift mood

Uplift the mind, increase spiritual awareness

Boost self-confidence, promote a positive outlook on life

Encourage positive emotions

Ward off negative emotions, provide spiritual protection

Protect against negative spiritual and emotional influences

Remove emotional blocks and limitations to success


Attract prosperity

Encourage feelings of self-worth

Realize limitless potential and make positive life changes
Stimulate creativity and emotional strength to achieve dreams

Support emotional and spiritual progress

Enhance self-confidence to achieve greater unity and purpose in life
Leave the past behind and move forward with confidence

Revive enthusiasm for life
Encourage taking the initiative
Move forward in a positive direction

Promote feelings of strength and empowerment
Let go of inhibitions that limit potential

Replace negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts

Focus on passions

Move toward positive advancement and progression

What are your favorites to enhance positive thoughts and increase focus? Share them with me on my Facebook page!

To purchase any oil or blend – or if you need help choosing the correct product for you - please contact me.

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
110 Iowa Lane, Suite 201
Cary, NC 27511

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unusual Ways to use Essential Oils

When it comes to using your essential oils, have you tried thinking outside the box? This month I'd like to share some uses for Young Living essential oils that you may not have thought of.

·         House plants love Lavender! Add it to the water when you mist them. You can also put a few drops directly on the soil or, for cut flowers, add to the water and watch them perk up!

·         Instead of a chemical product, use Lemon oil to remove "goo."
·         Use one drop of Lemon oil morning and night on corns, calluses and bunions.

·         Use Peppermint oil to stop a hot flash by applying to the back of your neck. (It’s even easier if you convert the bottle to a roll-on with an AromaGlide roller fitment!)

Thieves and Purification
·         Put a drop of Thieves blend on your toothbrush before your toothpaste. (Note: Young Living also has several non-fluoride toothpastes based on the Thieves blend.)
·         Use Thieves Household Cleaner, diluted as directed, to clean fruits and vegetables. Spray on, rub thoroughly, and rinse with water.
·         Put a few drops of Purification or Thieves on a cotton ball and place in air vents to help purify the air and add a clean scent.
·         Add 50 drops of Purification to a gallon of paint to eliminate the odor.
·         Use Purification to help heal cold sores.

·         Geranium is great for shrinking pimples.

·         Try Joy to help overcome feelings of grief or depression.

Other great uses
Add empty oil bottles to a bath. (Remove the lid and stopper and add all pieces.)

Rub tired feet with a little PanAway, Aroma Siez or Deep Relief, then pull on socks and they'll feel great in the morning!

Many oils can be used when cooking or baking. (I only recommend Young Living oils, especially for this use, because they are pure, therapeutic grade.)

Let me know your favorite ways to use essential oils – either email me or share them on my Facebook page!!

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
110 Iowa Lane, Suite 201
Cary, NC 27511

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Using Essential Oils for Insect Bites

Due to their antiseptic properties, Young Living essential oils are very effective for treating a variety of insect bites. Some of the more common pests – along with the best oils for treating their bite or sting – are listed below:

Mosquitoes love me! If I am around, no one else gets bitten. I have found that applying Purification to the bite quickly reduces the swelling and stops the itching. You can also try Melrose, Citronella, Lavender, Eucalyptus Globulus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Rosemary or PanAway.

Bee Stings

Spider Bites
For Black Widow or Brown Recluse spider bites, seek emergency care immediately. Until you reach the treatment center, apply Purification, Thieves or PanAway every 10 minutes.

Chiggers and Ticks
For chigger and tick bites, you need to remove the insect before treating the bite. Sometimes smothering the chiggers helps. A recently blown out match head applied to the tick may cause it to let go, but be careful to only touch the tick. You can also try mixing Oregano and Thyme 50:50 and applying 1-2 drops over the bite area. The insects will usually squirm to get away from the oils. After removing the culprit, treat the bites with any of the following: Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, Melrose, Thieves or R.C.  

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
110 Iowa Lane, Suite 201
Cary, NC 27511

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 Young Living Essential Oils Convention

Me with my good friend and mentor, Julie Ferguson

The theme at this year’s Young Living convention in Salt Lake City was BELIEVE. Think about it – to manifest, you must first BELIEVE. This idea was emphasized throughout the convention by the introduction of new products and a line-up of excellent keynote speakers.

Several new products were introduced, starting with a reformulated Believe essential oil blend. It now includes Idaho Blue Spruce (which is proving to be very effective when used to help release the trauma behind emotional issues).

Other new or improved items include:

·         Stress Away oil blend, which is now available in bottles as well as roll-ons;
·         Sample packets of the five most popular oils: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Thieves, and Peace & Calming;
·         Two new blends developed to use with "Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World," by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl, Oola Grow and Oola Balance;
·         Thieves AromaBright toothpaste and improved Thieves dental floss;
·         Slique Bars* (nutritious snack) ;
·         Exotic Oils Collection*: Hong Kuai and Xiang Mao/Taiwan; Yuzu/Japan; Amazonian Ylang Ylang and Plectranthus Oregano/Ecuador; Micromeria/Israel; and Biblical Sweet Myrrh/Arabia; and
·         Ningia Nitro,* an all-natural, energy-type drink for cognitive fitness that increases focus, acuity, and performance.
See all of the new convention products here.
         *Available at convention only for now.

The fabulous speakers included:

·   D. Gary Young, ND, founder of Young Living;
·   Darren Hardy, author and publisher of Success magazine;
·   Wayne Dyer, PhD (I was fortunate to receive a "transcript" of Dr. Dyer's presentation – click here to read it courtesy of a fellow convention attendee.); and
·   Actor/author Clint Walker, who shared his secrets of vitality at age 86, which includes many Young Living products.

Every year the convention seems better than ever! If you would like more information about the products or how to attend the next convention, please contact me. You can also visit my Young Living website at

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
110 Iowa Lane, Suite 201
Cary, NC  27511

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Using Essential Oils for Headaches

Do you suffer from headaches? If so, Young Living's M-Grain essential oil blend can help with both general headaches and migraine headaches. It contains Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint, Basil, Roman Chamomile, and Helichrysum.

Both anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic, M-Grain blend relieves pain and tension and promotes relaxation.

M-Grain can be used either neat or diluted with V-6 mixing oil. Gently massage into the base of the skull, forehead, temples, shoulders and back. For deeper penetration, use with a warm compress. You can also diffuse the oil or place a drop or two on your palms and inhale.

Other YL blends to try for headaches include Brain Power, Clarity, Relieve It, PanAway, and Deep Relief.

Single oils include Peppermint (my favorite), Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Idaho Tansy, Basil, Spearmint, Bergamot, Lemongrass or Lemon, and Rosemary.

Headaches can have many different causes, including hormone or sugar imbalances, shortage of oxygen, stress, sinus issues, structural misalignments, and blood pressure concerns. For specific issues, it may be best to create a customized formula, which I will be happy to do for you based on your specific needs.

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
110 Iowa Lane, Suite 201
Cary, NC  27511

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