Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The many benefits of diffusing essential oils

Are you using your favorite Young Living essential oils and blends in a diffuser? It’s a wonderful way to make your home or office “smell good,” provide an air of ambiance, or get rid of cooking odors. But there may be other advantages, too!

Diffusing EOs when someone is sick helps to purify the air. Thieves and Purification are good choices for this purpose. Everyone will feel better and it may help prevent the bug from spreading to others.

Many EOs can help you relax and maybe get a better night’s sleep. Try Lavender or Peace & Calming, two of my faves. Start the diffuser a few minutes before
bedtime so your bedroom will smell good even before you retire. The mist can help add a little humidity to the air as well.

Help calm the little ones with soothing EOs. In addition to Lavender and Peace & Calming, try Stress Away, Tranquil or Sleepyize from the KidsScents line.

You all know I’m quite the “oil snob!” I truly believe Young Living is unsurpassed in quality and has the best product line. In my opinion they are the innovators who everyone else tries to copy. But when it comes to diffusers, I’ll let it slide. I’ve loved every one that I’ve purchased from YL (and I have several), and the starter kits that include your choice of diffuser are great deals, but these days you can find them everywhere, including big box stores and online. Just get one! (Or two or three.)

What are your favorite EOs to diffuse?? Please share your faves so we can all try them!

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