Friday, November 14, 2014

Diffusing Young Living Essential Oils

Diffusing essential oils can help eliminate odors, increase oxygen availability, produce negative ions and release natural ozone. Many essential oils and blends are highly antibacterial (see last month’s blog) and can help eliminate airborne germs and bacteria – which is great for cold and flu season!

To get the best results, use a cold air diffuser or one that uses water. Avoid heat, which can make the essential oils less therapeutic and even create toxic compounds.

Some of the possible advantages of cold air diffusing include*:

    Reducing airborne bacteria, fungus, mold and odors.
    Relaxation, stress and tension relief.
    Clearing the mind; improvement of concentration, alertness and mental clarity.
    Helping with weight management.
    Relieving headaches.
    Improving sleep.
    Improving hormonal balance.
    Improving digestive functions.
    Stimulating neurotransmitters.
    Stimulating secretion of endorphins.
    Stimulating growth hormone production and receptivity.
    Making your space smell wonderful!!

Start by diffusing essential oils 15-30 minutes per day, working up to 1-2 hours, if desired.

No diffuser? Add several drops of essential oil to a spray bottle, add water, and use to mist your home, office, or car. Always shake before spraying.

Click here to see the diffusers offered by Young Living, including the popular home diffuser pictured above. To purchase any Young Living diffuser, click here or contact me directly.

*Essential Oil Desk Reference, 2nd Edition (Essential Science Publishing)

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