Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Benefits of Probiotics

Even if you aren’t taking a probiotic supplement, you’ve probably heard of them.

We need “friendly" or "good" bacteria and fungus in our intestinal system. Probiotics promote the growth of good bacteria and fungus and help destroy unwanted invaders. They support digestive health and our immune system. I don’t consider yogurt a very good source of probiotics because it is usually processed and has sugar for flavor. (And PLEASE don’t eat yogurt with aspartame or another artificial sweetener!!)

Our environment and the overuse of antibiotics dramatically reduces these valuable resources. I like Young Living’s Life 9 formula. Your supplement needs living bacteria and Life 9 has nine strains of living bacteria. It is also free from processing and artificial ingredients. If you feel your gut health (and immune system) need a boost, give Life 9 a try!

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