Monday, October 15, 2012

Aromatherapy: Young Living Nutritional Supplements Include Essential Oils

Why are Young Living's nutritional supplements formulated with their pure essential oils? Because the oils act as catalysts to help deliver nutrients through cell membranes while also assisting in the removal of cellular waste. (This is also part of the lymphatic system's job in your body – and why lymphatic massage is my specialty.)

Because Young Living oils are so pure, it is safe to ingest most of them. Essential oils and blends may also be applied topically or inhaled.

A few of my favorite supplements are:

NingXia Red, a powerful, whole-body nutrient infusion that energizes, fortifies, and revitalizes the body and mind. It has just been reformulated, with seven times more essential oils and an all-natural, non-caloric sweetener (stevia). The anti-oxidant levels are higher and it tastes even better than before.

OmegaGize, which replaced Omega Blue, combines three core supplements into one. It contains one of the purest omega-3 fish oils available, heart-healthy CoQ10, vitamin D3, and other key vitamins.

Inner Defense is my natural anti-biotic of choice with no side effects. It is also anti-viral and anti-fungal. I take this before flying and whenever I feel a cold coming on. Knocks it right out!

Try to space out your supplements during the day as they are dissolved and used by the body within a couple of hours. I also recommend taking a break from your supplements 1-2 days per week to allow the body to regain homeostasis and permit its natural recuperative powers to engage.

If you want help determining which supplements your body needs, schedule a kinesiology session with me and remove the guess-work!

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