Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Diffusing Young Living Essential Oils

A wonderful way to use Young Living essential oils and blends is to diffuse them into the air. This method can help eliminate odors, purify the air and enhance feelings of well-being. Plus, our sense of smell links directly to the limbic system, where emotional memories are stored.

There are many diffusers to choose from, but just be sure no heat is used as this can decrease the healthful properties of the oil. My preference is for those that use water to help disperse the oils. I recently purchased the Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser to use in my treatment room – my clients love it, as do I!

Young Living has quite a collection to choose from, or you can look online. Stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond sometimes have them.

Treat yourself and your home and/or office by adding a diffuser – and use it regularly!!

Young Living Promotions
Young Living is offering some great promotions for the month of October. Check out their Welcome Autumn rewards!

Fall Classes
Don’t forget that I’m offering four essential oil classes this fall. Click here to view them or to sign up!

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