Friday, November 15, 2013


November reminds us to be "thankful," but we should really try to stay in a state of gratitude at all times.

Think about "The Secret," and "The Law ofAttraction." These principles stress the importance of 1) how powerful our thoughts are and how we create what we think and believe; and 2) that when we believe and are thankful for what we want, we help to manifest it – even before it has come into our life! Athletes use these principles when they visualize themselves doing everything "right" and winning the big game. So whatever you want in your life, be thankful for it already and cultivate the feeling of already having it.

I enjoy sharing Young Living Essential Oils that correspond to my blog subject. Yes, there is a blend called Gratitude! I also like these: Abundance, Awaken, Believe, DreamCatcher, Envision, MagnifyYour Purpose, Motivation, Surrender, Oola Balance and Grow.

Maybe one of these oils can provide the necessary boost to help you achieve your dreams, too!

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