Monday, September 17, 2012

Choosing the Right Young Living Oil or Blend

My clients and friends sometimes ask me how I choose which oil or blend to use. I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for over 12 years, so I often rely on my own experience. Sometimes I "just know." But when I’m looking for additional insight, I find the "Essential Oils Desk Reference" invaluable – not only for looking up specific conditions, but also for learning about and understanding how they work.

Kinesiology (muscle testing) also helps me fine-tune treatments, and I use this technique frequently in my practice. For example, when a Raindrop Treatment is indicated, I can use kinesiology to determine if I should use the standard oils or customize the treatment with other oils. Using kinesiology allows my client's body to tell me which oils or blends will work best for whatever issue is affecting them.

In addition, I have recently started using the "Compass Scanner," which determines where your body is out of balance and then indicates which Young Living products will help restore that balance. Seeing the scanner report sometimes leads me to delve deeper with my own kinesiology into other ways that will help the client.

An easy tool for anyone with Internet access is Here you can search by keyword to find hundreds of testimonials from people all over the world sharing how they have used the oils with success for specific conditions.

Or call to schedule an appointment with me! If you wish to try the Compass Scanner, your first scan is free!

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