Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Using Essential Oils for Positive Thoughts

My newsletter this month focused on how powerful your thoughts are and the importance of focusing on what you want in your life. With that in mind, I have a few suggestions for which Young Living essential oils and oil blends may help you do this more easily.


Build confidence, uplift mood

Uplift the mind, increase spiritual awareness

Boost self-confidence, promote a positive outlook on life

Encourage positive emotions

Ward off negative emotions, provide spiritual protection

Protect against negative spiritual and emotional influences

Remove emotional blocks and limitations to success


Attract prosperity

Encourage feelings of self-worth

Realize limitless potential and make positive life changes
Stimulate creativity and emotional strength to achieve dreams

Support emotional and spiritual progress

Enhance self-confidence to achieve greater unity and purpose in life
Leave the past behind and move forward with confidence

Revive enthusiasm for life
Encourage taking the initiative
Move forward in a positive direction

Promote feelings of strength and empowerment
Let go of inhibitions that limit potential

Replace negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts

Focus on passions

Move toward positive advancement and progression

What are your favorites to enhance positive thoughts and increase focus? Share them with me on my Facebook page!

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