Friday, January 15, 2016

D. Gary Young: The World Leader in Essential Oils

I am very excited that a book I have wished for has now been written! Mary Young, wife of Young Living founder, D. Gary Young, has written a book about him called, D. Gary Young: The World Leader in Essential Oils.  

I have heard many stories about Dr. D. Gary Young's life from members who have been with Young Living since the beginning of the company, and I have always thought his life story would make a fascinating book and a very enjoyable read. I am amazed at his travels and studies all over the world to produce not only essential oils of the highest quality, but also to create such wonderful blends for all areas of our lives. He has explored rain forests and other areas around the world and found many oils that are exclusive to Young Living. He has also formulated innovative supplements and personal care products. The list of his accomplishments goes on and on.

Click here to order the book from my Young Living website (simply search for item #5955 in the Product Line menu).

I, for one, can't wait to read it! 

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
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