Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Using Essential Oils Safely

Let’s talk about essential oil safety this month, and let’s start with the most important guideline: only use essential oils and blends of the purest and highest quality. For me, this means Young Living and Young Living only. YL is truly the world leader for essential oils, blends and products, and there are many reasons for this distinction. The most important “resource” is Dr. Gary Young, the founder of the company, followed by the company’s worldwide network of farms (including co-op and partner farms) and qualified vendors. Every step of the way Young Living adheres to strict standards and extensive testing, both in house and with external labs. Check out the “Seed to Seal” process here.

I feel confident using YL products on myself and my clients. You can use them aromatically (inhalation), topically (on the skin) and internally (in a vegetable capsule, added to water/beverage, or when cooking).

When using on your skin, if you experience any irritation, DO NOT try to wash off! Just dilute the area with YL V-6 EnhancedVegetable Oil Complex or any pure vegetable/olive oil you have around the house. Also note that, for some people, citrus-based oils and blends may cause photosensitivity to the sun for a while after applying.

For internal use, Young Living is the only company I know of with an extensive dietary line of essential oils with FDA approval, called “Vitality.” If in doubt, check the product label for usage directions for any of their products.

Young Living even provides a helpful usage chart to help guide you in how to safely use their oils.

Do you have other questions? Contact me or let’s set up a fun party for you and some friends to further explore the world of essential oils! 

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