Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Essential Oils for Meditation & Prayer

Most of you are probably aware of the benefits of Young Living essential oils and blends for physical and emotional issues. Perhaps you also have your favorites to help you focus at work or when studying. But have you added the benefits to your spiritual practice?

During prayer time, meditation, simple relaxation or even attending a service, many people add essential oils to enhance their practice. This is not a new idea; there are many EOs mentioned in the Bible and when studying ancient civilizations. (See the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture collection, item #3143, for a few of the most mentioned in the Bible.)

Some of my favorites are Young Living blends: Transformation, White Angelica, Valor, Joy, Inspiration and Sacred Mountain. Others you may want to consider are Exodus II, 3 Wise Men, Dream Catcher, Gathering, Awaken, and Humility to name a few. There are so many to try!

I encourage you to try a few to perhaps take your spiritual growth and awareness to a new level. Start your diffuser for 10 minutes or so before beginning your practice. I also like to apply a few drops to my crown, third eye, nape of my neck or feet.

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