Friday, January 19, 2018

A new year...a new blog strategy!

I have decided to try something new this year. I’m going to share blogs with you that I like from other writers each month. There are so many good ones that I enjoy and I think you will, too!

Our blog this month is from Young Living. If you’re like me, sometimes January can be a bit of a let-down. The holidays are over, we’re trying to lose those pounds we gained, the weather may be cold, and those bills from December come in - ACK! Try a few of these blends in your diffuser to escape to another time and place! (I especially liked the ones for Honolulu and Paris.) Enjoy!

Destination everywhere: Diffuser blends for 7 cities

If you’re saving up for your next vacation, have an incurable case of cabin fever, or are simply someone who loves to jet from country to country whenever you can, you know that reaching your destination when you want isn’t always doable. We crafted these essential oil blends for your diffuser to aromatically transport you around the world.
The following blends are based on 10 drops per diffuser; be sure to modify according to your individual diffuser’s drop recommendation.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Citrus Fresh Essential OilEnjoy the spirit of aloha with this tropical blend. Sweet, earthy Cedarwood is complemented by the citrus in Stress Away™ and Citrus Fresh™. Close your eyes and you’ll be able to hear waves crashing and tropical birds singing overhead.
4 drops Stress Away essential oil
3 drops Cedarwood essential oil
3 drops Citrus Fresh essential oil

Sydney, Australia

Sacred Sandalwood Essential Oil
Take a trip Down Under with this bright, herbal blend. Three of the botanicals in this blend are native to Australia, so it won’t be hard to imagine yourself on an Aussie adventure.
4 drops Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil
2 drops Sacred Sandalwood essential oil
2 drops Blue Cypress essential oil
2 drops Geranium essential oil

Paris, France

Rosemary Essential Oil RecipesClose your eyes and you’ll be settling in for a picnic at the base of the Eiffel Tower with this floral, herbaceous blend. Pack a baguette, some lush cheeses, and sparkling water and be carried away in the city of romance.
5 drops Lavender essential oil
3 drops Rosemary essential oil
2 drops Clary Sage essential oil

NYC, New YorkInspiration Essential Oil

Rather than invoke the smell of the Big Apple, this blend captures the energy of the world’s most exciting city. With adventure around every corner, you’ll be transported to the City that Never Sleeps!
6 drops Inspiration essential oil
4 drops Peppermint essential oil

Tokyo, Japan

Jasmine Essential Oil
Step outside the bustling cityscape and into one of the country’s many beautiful pastoral settings. Catch the hint of cherry blossoms in the air, cool water flowing through well-manicured gardens, and lush greenery surrounding you.
4 drops Copaiba essential oil
3 drops Jasmine essential oil
3 drops Orange essential oil

Basil Essential OilRome, Italy

The Mediterranean notes in this blend are warm and lively and will carry you through this historic city with the aroma of bright citrus and fresh herbs.
4 drops Bergamot essential oil
3 drops Lemon essential oil
3 drops Basil essential oil

Zurich, Switzerland

Crisp, cool scents combine with warm spices to help you imagine coming in off the slopes to sit next to a fire. Fresh mountain air is brisk around you while you warm up with a hot cup of your favorite tea.
4 drops Pine essential oil
2 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil
2 drops Clove essential oil
2 drops Cinnamon Bark essential oil

We love the ways diffuser blends can transport us to different places, feelings, and senses!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This cold never had a chance!

Since this is, unfortunately, the season for colds and flu bugs, I wanted to share my personal experience knocking out a cold before it could really get started!

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up on a Wednesday with my throat feeling a little raspy. That day I took three Inner Defense capsules (from Young Living) and used the Thieves Spray on my throat a few times. I put Thieves blend on my feet. I also bumped up my Vitamin C. Thursday morning my throat really hurt, so I repeated my Wednesday regimen. Both days I had a slight sniffle.

When I woke up Friday, I pretty much felt normal! As a precaution, I repeated my regimen one more time. This “cold” was gone before it ever really got started!

This worked so well for me that you may want to try it if you feel a bug coming on. (If I’d had Emergen-C on hand I would have used that, too.)

What is your cold knock-out plan? Please share your tips with us! 

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The many benefits of diffusing essential oils

Are you using your favorite Young Living essential oils and blends in a diffuser? It’s a wonderful way to make your home or office “smell good,” provide an air of ambiance, or get rid of cooking odors. But there may be other advantages, too!

Diffusing EOs when someone is sick helps to purify the air. Thieves and Purification are good choices for this purpose. Everyone will feel better and it may help prevent the bug from spreading to others.

Many EOs can help you relax and maybe get a better night’s sleep. Try Lavender or Peace & Calming, two of my faves. Start the diffuser a few minutes before
bedtime so your bedroom will smell good even before you retire. The mist can help add a little humidity to the air as well.

Help calm the little ones with soothing EOs. In addition to Lavender and Peace & Calming, try Stress Away, Tranquil or Sleepyize from the KidsScents line.

You all know I’m quite the “oil snob!” I truly believe Young Living is unsurpassed in quality and has the best product line. In my opinion they are the innovators who everyone else tries to copy. But when it comes to diffusers, I’ll let it slide. I’ve loved every one that I’ve purchased from YL (and I have several), and the starter kits that include your choice of diffuser are great deals, but these days you can find them everywhere, including big box stores and online. Just get one! (Or two or three.)

What are your favorite EOs to diffuse?? Please share your faves so we can all try them!

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The 2017 Young Living Holiday Catalog Has Arrived!

The Young Living 2017 Holiday Catalog is now available! I’ve looked through the online version and, believe me, there are some great products for the whole family, including your pets. I can’t wait to place my order – and several items will be for ME!


(Friendly advice: Order right away as these products are in limited production and tend to sell out quickly! Call or email me any time with your questions or product requests!)

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Young Living in the news!

Have you noticed lately that Young Living is making waves in mainstream media? These images are just a few examples from this year, and Young Living also documents media mentions on their website. Keep your eyes peeled and let me know where you see Young Living mentioned!

Young Living, the world leader in essential oils!

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Benefits of Probiotics

Even if you aren’t taking a probiotic supplement, you’ve probably heard of them.

We need “friendly" or "good" bacteria and fungus in our intestinal system. Probiotics promote the growth of good bacteria and fungus and help destroy unwanted invaders. They support digestive health and our immune system. I don’t consider yogurt a very good source of probiotics because it is usually processed and has sugar for flavor. (And PLEASE don’t eat yogurt with aspartame or another artificial sweetener!!)

Our environment and the overuse of antibiotics dramatically reduces these valuable resources. I like Young Living’s Life 9 formula. Your supplement needs living bacteria and Life 9 has nine strains of living bacteria. It is also free from processing and artificial ingredients. If you feel your gut health (and immune system) need a boost, give Life 9 a try!

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Palo Santo wood in Ecuador

I visited Ecuador for the first time in June. What a beautiful country – with warm, friendly people!

You probably know that Palo Santo is a Young Living exclusive essential oil. It’s one of my favorites; to me it feels very spiritual, cleansing and protective. One day as I rounded a corner in downtown Cuenca, I smelled a wonderful scent from some wood pieces burning in a small can. A street vendor was selling small packages of the wood, and you could buy a can and the sand, too! A few minutes later it hit me, it was Palo Santo! In Ecuador, they burn the wood pieces for its healing properties and for cleansing spaces.

Of course, I had to buy a package. Now I can use my oil AND also experience Palo Santo as native Ecuadorians do! Have you used Palo Santo? If so, what do you like about it? Let me know on Facebook!

Unfortunately, I was not in the Guayaquil area so I didn’t get to visit the Young Living farm – next time, for sure!!

Joyce Phelps Stephens, NCLMBT #2272
110 Iowa Lane, Suite 201
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 270-5868 (YLEO#401605)